Vision Zero Texas

All Texas communities deserve safe streets

We don’t want ten people to die every day in the Texas transportation system, and we share this concern with a growing number of Texans.

You can be a key part of this movement

At this year’s World Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Traffic Violence on Sunday, November 17, 2019, we launched the Every City, Every County, Every Life campaign.

We’re looking for at least three leaders in every city, every county, and every metropolitan region in Texas to guide their local government to responsible goals and action plans to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.

And we are in the process of setting up letter writing campaigns for every single government in Texas. Working with our partners at Central Texas Families for Safe Street, we’ve just launched this campaign for every city in the Austin region.

Get involved now. We can end traffic deaths in Texas.

Safe speed policy, comprehensive safety measures, and structural changes to how we approach transportation planning and funding is on the table, if we seize this opportunity. Solving this crisis is complex and requires a thoughtful openness followed by action from governments and communities across the state.

Our goals

  • Nobody dies in traffic in Texas.
  • Nobody suffers incapacitating injuries in traffic in Texas.
  • Every city, county, MPO & the state itself has a Vision Zero Action Plan.
  • Texans are empowered to bring meaningful change to their communities and the state.

What we’re going to do

  • Work with the Legislature and Governor
  • Work with neighborhoods, cities, counties, and regions
  • Engage in the Texas Strategic Highway Safety Plan and other state processes
  • Build the Vision Zero Texas Catalyst Network of local leaders across the state
  • Spread ideas through social media, publications, and outlets like Streetsblog Texas
  • Maintain an independent analytic research and storytelling entity

Our goals for 2019

  • At least ten additional Texas governments begin or adopt Vision Zero Action Plans
  • At least one of our legislative proposals is signed into law
  • At least three Texas governments launch slow zones pilots in earnest
  • At least one Texas government adopts comprehensive safe design speed systematically
  • TXDOT’s 2020 Unified Transportation Program somehow better prioritizes safety
  • Secure sufficient funding to launch Texas Families for Safe Streets respectfully
  • Host the Texas Vision Zero Summit, starting in Spring 2019

State Legislative Agenda 2019

  • Safe Neighborhood Streets
  • Statewide Hand Free
  • End Traffic Deaths
  • Stop For Pedestrians
  • Crash Not Accident

Our Needs

  • $75,000 minimal seed funding to attempt the above, $150,000 to do it well and include support for Texas Families for Safe Streets.
  • One full time staff dedicated to Vision Zero, ideally with multiple interns, supporting staff
  • A growing, effectively coordinated volunteer leadership network
  • Extensive public support of policy proposals from cross disciplinary entities

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