We are hiring! We are seeking an Assistant Director for our Vision Zero Texas program

Job Title: Assistant Director, Vision Zero Texas
Reports To: Director of Vision Zero Texas
Posted: January 4, 2023 – Please respond ASAP and by January 20 at the latest.
Earliest Start Date: As soon as a qualified candidate can start
Time: 30 hours a week, but could become full time with additional funding
Note: This is a grant funded position through September 31 and will require additional funding or this position will not continue past that date.

Farm&City is an equal opportunity employer that seeks to engage all the people of Texas in planning for a better future for all of us, by empowering people from all walks of life to volunteer for, advocate with, lead, and work for Farm&City.

Job Description: 

Farm&City is seeking a full-time Assistant Director of our Vision Zero Texas program, to ideally start as soon as possible. 

The Assistant Director will be responsible for advancing the mission of Vision Zero Texas and helping cities and counties adopt Vision Zero goals and action plans. You will be responsible for working with local government staff and more to help end traffic violence in Texas. With additional funding, the Assistant Director will also help support Texas Families for Safe Streets members, providing services to victims and loved ones of victims of traffic violence. At this time, this position will focus exclusively on our Safe Streets for Texans program, funded by the FHWA through TxDOT.

Responsibilities (for expected full time position):

  • Create and maintain networks and partnerships with partner non-profit organizations.
  • Collaborate with national and community partners to think critically about implementation of Vision Zero across the state.
  • Coordinate and plan the annual Texas Vision Zero Summit.
  • Develop comprehensive support networks and resources for victims of traffic violence.
  • Plan, schedule, and facilitate meetings with members of CTFSS.
  • Stay knowledgeable of nationwide Vision Zero efforts and stay connected to the national Vision Zero Network.
  • Contribute to Vision Zero Texas advocacy work.

Responsibilities (for Safe Streets for Texans):

  • Schedule, plan, and coordinate 23 trainings across the state in collaboration with Texas Metropolitan Planning Organizations
  • Collaborate with other Farm&City staff, government agencies, and other experts to assist the Director of Vision Zero Texas in creating training materials, presentations, exercises, and other elements.
  • Ensure all work meets FHWA, TxDOT, and Farm&City standards and policies.
  • Capture best practices and other insights throughout this program to assist in creating a year-end report and to improve Farm&City’s approach to ending traffic deaths.


  • College Degree or at least 4 years of work experience related in some way to the work to be done for Farm&City.
  • Knowledge of transportation policy issues.
  • Passion for equity and advancing social, economic, and racial justice.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Lives in Texas, preferably in the Austin region.
  • Superb organizational and time management skills.
  • Self-starter who can work independently.
  • Experience maintaining relationships and partnerships.
  • Problem-solver with the ability to adapt to challenging situations.

Compensation and Benefits:

This position is grant-funded by the Federal Highway Administration through TxDOT for nine months, from January 1 to September 31, 2023 at 30 hours per week at $22 per hour, which comes out to $1430 in gross pay twice a month. By accepting this position, the applicant agrees that the position could be terminated after completion of this grant. However, our intent is to raise additional funding, to make this a full-time position in perpetuity.

At this time, Farm&City provides no employee benefits, but we are seeking health insurance options to provide affordably to staff.

How to Apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to Jay Blazek Crossley at [email protected] with “Assistant Director, Vision Zero Texas – Job opening “ in the subject line – before January 20.

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