Vision Zero Texas

All Texas communities deserve safe streets

Texas leads the nation in traffic violence on our streets with 3,531 people dying using the Texas transportation system in 2015. Of the 24 states home to more than 5 million people, only Tennessee has a higher rate of traffic deaths per person. The rate of traffic death in Texas is almost identical to the rate of deaths from breast cancer, but we are not taking this epidemic seriously. It is time to act responsibly.

Vision Zero Texas is a project of a new charitable nonprofit, Farm&City, that seeks to improve the quality of life for all Texans. We believe that Texas can end road deaths and we will work with TXDOT, the legislature, communities, cities, counties, and people to find solutions and fix this.

Vision Zero Texas is maintained as its own brand, project, and website. At Farm&City, we feel it is a humbling responsibility to host this and do everything that we can to end traffic deaths in Texas. However, the project is being done collaboratively with a wide community of safe streets activists. We intend to annually have a strategic reassessment to consider whether this effort should become its own independent project, continue to be hosted by Farm&City, or even be handed over to another entity.