Growing Weirder

Growing Weirder combines analytical frameworks, grassroots and treetops advocacy strategies, and public agenda framing necessary for a paradigm shift in the growth and development strategies of a complex, diverse 21st Century Austin.

What if I told you that you live in a major metropolitan region with a metropolitan government that controls around a billion dollars in spending every year?

What if I told you the seats of that decision making body were overwhelmingly over represented by white males and underrepresented by city residents?

What if I told you that radical sprawl forecasts chosen by that wildly inequitable body impact how much money your neighborhood or county gets in transportation spending from the state and local entities?

What if I told you that transit planning, traffic impact studies, or local school citing decisions all rely upon the faulty forecasts chosen by that inequitable body?

What if I told you that these regional decisions are making traffic, climate change, and affordability worse – all at the same time?