1,000 Texans for Transit

1,000 Texans for Transit

A paradigm shift in transportation has begun in Texas. We need to help our leaders, communities, and local and state governments bring balance to our safe, multimodal transportation system. We need people of all socio economic backgrounds to have better access to all the elements of the modern Texas metropolis via safe walking, biking, and transit. By joining One Thousand Texans for Transit, you will have access to training, data and analysis, and focused campaigns to ensure our leaders understand the transit future that the vast majority of Texans want.

Locally, transit planning and advocacy must focus on connecting the most people, jobs, and schools with frequent, quality service.

Regionally, planning must incorporate the potential for radical shifts in transit access, including transit-supportive growth.

State transportation funding must be reformed to include direct transit funding for our large metro areas.

Did you know that Houstonians are enjoying 1/6 of the transit funding per capita that New Yorkers experience? Did you know the major metros of Ohio and Texas are the only major metros in the nation without dedicated state transit funding for major metros? We’re going to start fixing this.

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One Thousand Texans for Transit

Thanks to a grant from the American Public Transportation Association, Farm&City held a series of events across the state of Texas to train regular people, community groups, and local elected officials to effectively advocate for better transit and more transit funding across the state.

Phase II of One Thousand Texans for Transit should start in September. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting this work.