For 2017, the Strategic Focus of Farm&City will be to establish three interrelated brands where there is tremendous potential for systemic change right now in Texas. These issues will dramatically determine the quality of life for all Texans over the coming decades and are the initial brands that will be the focus of most of our work for the first year. However, Farm&City will be an organic, iterative ecosystem with projects, ideas, and talent growing and changing like Texas.

Vision Zero Texas
Safe, multimodal access is the grease to apply to make rapid urbanization work for all of us. Vision Zero Texas works to change the way the state, regions, counties, and cities understand traffic deaths and how to solve the problem.

An independent website exists for this effort started in the Fall of 2016.

Inclusive regionalism, shared prosperity, and fiscal and environmental responsibility for our metro regions. Texurban will support movements across the state to legalizing pedestrian urbanism, planning and funding better transit, and building complete communities.

Decide Texas
Equitable representation and better information make decision making more efficient. Decide Texas works for a more transparent, equitable, and efficient transportation and urban planning decision making system, with a primary focus on equitable representation at Metropolitan Planning Organizations.

An independent website exists for this effort started in the Spring of 2016.