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Comments Due Today, October 26 in Support of HOV Lanes for Transit on US290 in Houston

TXDOT completely rebuilt a major transportation corridor, US290 in Houston, with zero improvements for transit, because of the intense flaws and inequities in the Texas transportation funding and decision making system, even though TXDOT staff publicly spoke about the need to add HOV capacity and Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Transportation Transition Team specifically called for TXDOT,…

By Jay Blazek Crossley October 26, 2018 Off

TXDOT’s Unified Transportation Program needs your feedback

The public comment period for Texas Department of Transportation’s Unified Transportation Program (UTP) is now open. The UTP is a ten-year plan that guides transportation strategies and spending within the state. Unfortunately, the plan has historically been hindered by a lack of citizen participation and questionable priorities. Last year’s UTP received only 23 comments for…

By Laura Thomas August 5, 2018 Off