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Third Podcast: Vote NO on Prop J

Tomorrow is Election Day. Please Vote. If you’re in Austin:  Please vote NO on Prop J. Please vote yes on Prop A and G. Austin has a dirty history of plebiscites on zoning. So please vote NO on Prop J. Play in new window | Download

By Jay Blazek Crossley November 5, 2018 Off

The Case for Austin’s Transit-Oriented Development Fund

Austin’s need for equitable transit-oriented development is apparent. TOD allows meaningful access to affordable, healthy lifestyles, yet our development regulations have created a perverted marketplace that does not provide these options for most people. We can give more people affordable, multi-modal access to all the necessities and amenities of metropolitan life, along with all the…

By Laura Thomas July 16, 2018 Off

Environmental sustainability implications of Austin’s regional growth policies

In the Austin region, we must reduce our metropolitan carbon emissions to play a responsible role in the 21st century world community. Unfortunately, many of our public policies continue to increase our carbon footprint – especially land use and transportation policies. As we grow from two to four million, we have the opportunity to lower…

By Jay Blazek Crossley July 5, 2018 Off