In June, Farm&City took a five day field trip throughout South Texas to spread the good words of two of our major initiatives: Vision Zero Texas and One Thousand Texans for Transit. We were forced to rent a car for this trip as driving was the only mode of transportation that made it possible for […]

Tomorrow, Austin City Council will voteĀ on a proposal to cut next year’s revenue by $5 million by increasing the city’s property tax homestead exemption from 8% to 10%, a reduction in taxes for the minority of city residents who own homes. While affordability is a major concern that city council can address through legislation, homestead […]

Ruven Brooks is a senior and transit advocate who believes that public input into transit design needs to be much deeper than the occasional public hearing with three minute speeches. Why Change the Committees? In the City of Austin, citizen advisory committees can be very important and powerful organizations; the dreaded Zoning and Platting Commission […]