In the News

In the News

Much of our work involves talking to reporters, writing oped, appearing on tv, and helping frame the stories of Texas. Even when we don’t actually get our name in the article, we love helping reporters have access to data, analysis, good ideas, best practices, maps, and charts.

This is a running list of Farm&City mentions in media or opinion editorials published on other sites, but is likely far from complete.

Dockless doodads on the march: Scooters are a hit, but Council Member Alter wonders if they’re making us fatter
By Caleb Pritchard
The Austin Metropolitan, October 11, 2018

Out of Control: In Houston’s traffic carnage, design makes a difference
By Dug Begley
Houston Chronicle, October 14, 2018

Out of Control: Houston’s roads, drivers are country’s most deadly
By Dug Begley and St. John Barned-Smith
Houston Chronicle, September 5, 2018

Big Money for Big Roads
Deciding how the Mobility Bond is spent on Austin’s most traveled streets
BY Nina Hernandez
Austin Chronicle, February 23, 2018

TxDOT wants public feedback on 10-year plan for state roads
By Alyssa Goard
KXAN, August 6, 2018

Houston May Eliminate Some Mandatory Parking — A Big Step Toward a Transit Friendly City
By Angie Schmitt
Streetsblog USA, September 7, 2018
Also picked up at SmartCitiesDive

In Texas, Bad Transportation Policy Is Killing Us
BY Alex Macon
D Magazine, February 9, 2018

Cap Metro Hangs Hopes on “Connections 2025”
High frequency bus lines attempt to increase commuter freedom
By Jack Craver
Austin Chronicle, November 3, 2017

Bike crashes down, but cyclists still face dangers on Austin roads
By Mary Huber
Austin American Statesman, April 7, 2018

Project Connect advances despite lingering concerns over key details
By Caleb Pritchard
Austin Monitor, June 27, 2017

Houston’s mean streets: Our city’s road design is killing people
By Jay Blazek Crossley
Houston Chronicle Opinion, April 11, 2016