A new thing is happening in Texas.

We want walkable urban neighborhoods with access to all that Texas has to offer by high quality transit.

We want to preserve Texas land and rural communities and to find a way to decouple Texas economic growth from ecological destruction.

We want equitable, democratic institutions making wise decisions based on open data, open debate, and diverse representation.

We want safe streets and healthy neighborhoods where a diversity of access and mobility options provide for our needs without killing ten people a day.

Help launch Farm&City.

What’s happening

The hour of the regional transit surveys are upon us!

We are working to build statewide support for better transit planning and more transit funding, but progress requires diverse people of Texas to be involved with their local transit agencies. Across Texas, you can get involved in public planning processes to advocate for high quality, frequent transit where the most people, jobs, and students are.

Click the link to take the survey:

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You deserve better transit. You deserve safe streets. You deserve equitable and smart decision making.

You can help build a stronger, equitable, sustainable, accessible Texas today by becoming a founding member of Farm&City&You&Me.

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With just four new members each month, we can launch our distributed reporting team effort to provide you weekly coverage of the important transportation and urban planning public meetings and debates happening in the big metro areas across Texas.

With just four new members each month, we can do our part in the ImpactHub-Austin Affordable Housing Accelerator and create a model for communicating to the public about the trade offs, costs, and benefits of regional growth, affordability, equity, traffic, and the environment.

You can help build the foundation for our Vision Zero Texas, Decide Texas, and Texurban program work. We want to save lives on our streets, build a more equitable Texas transportation decision making system, and make walkable urban places connected by high quality transit an affordable low-carbon lifestyle option for every Texan. Our goal is to get to 250 members by the end of the year.

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