A new thing is happening in Texas.

We want walkable urban neighborhoods with access to all that Texas has to offer by high quality transit.

We want to preserve Texas land and rural communities and to find a way to decouple Texas economic growth from ecological destruction.

We want equitable, democratic institutions making wise decisions based on open data, open debate, and diverse representation.

We want safe streets and healthy neighborhoods where a diversity of access and mobility options provide for our needs without killing ten people a day.

Help launch Farm&City.

What’s happening

The hour of the regional transit surveys are upon us!

We are working to build statewide support for better transit planning and more transit funding, but progress requires diverse people of Texas to be involved with their local transit agencies. Across Texas, you can get involved in public planning processes to advocate for high quality, frequent transit where the most people, jobs, and students are.

Click the link to take the survey:

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Farm&City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to high quality urban and rural habitat in Texas in perpetuity, started on April 13, 2017.

Board of Directors
Toto Miranda
Megan Howse Brendle
Ben DiPietro

Executive Director
Jay Blazek Crossley

IRS 501c3 Determination Letter (pdf)


Mini Report: The Costs of Distracted Driving in Texas

This summer, the Texas legislature conducted a rapid fire special session. With twenty topics on the call, only about half ended up making it to Governor Abbott’s desk and many were left lingering in committee.Farm&City stood with police departments, family members of victims of traffic violence, and ¬†other safety and health advocates to oppose an …

How much do traffic crashes cost the people of Texas? (A: $162 Billion)

Traffic congestion costs the people of Texas over $14 billion a year in terms of lost time on the freeways, according to our tabulation of the Texas Transportation Institute’s 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard. Most Texas elected officials have supported dramatic moves to fund road projects attempting to address this issue. The people of Texas voted …