Our Mission

Dedicated to high quality urban and rural human habitat in Texas in perpetuity

Our Values





Human centric

Data driven



Our Major Projects

Vision Zero Texas

Safe, multimodal access is the grease to apply to make rapid urbanization work for all of us. Vision Zero Texas works to change the way the state, regions, counties, and cities understand traffic deaths and how to solve the problem.

Growing Weirder 

A two year project to catalyze a move toward sustainable, equitable regional growth policies for the Austin region. This metropolitan level project is replicable across Texas. Each metro faces similar problems and opportunities with regional transportation planning, land development code, and equitable planning. 

One Thousand Texans for Transit

Our children deserve the freedom of a massive shift to allowing safe access by walking and transit. We’re making the statewide case for more transit funding and better transit planning, including contextualizing transit within community development, walkability, and questions of access.

Decide Texas

Equitable representation and better information make decision making more efficient. Decide Texas works for a more transparent, equitable, and efficient transportation and urban planning decision making system, with a primary focus on equitable representation at Metropolitan Planning Organizations.